5ml of fresh blood in EDTA vials or Blood spotted on FTA Cards

S. No.Nature of ExaminationType of Sample
1Paternity / Maternity / Biological Relatedness
Samples to be collected by scientists of Truth Labs or authorised medical officer with due certification upon identification of the subjects
2Personal Identification of deceasedMolar tooth or femur (long) bone, or any other biological material such as a drop of blood, saliva, semen, and any body part such as bones, tissue, skull, teeth, hair with root etc.
Samples collected during post mortem by an authorized doctor and handed over to the investigation agency and thereupon submitted to Truth Labs following proper procedure of identification, collection, certification, labelling, packing and forwarding, in sealed condition along with a request letter / memo from the concerned forwarding authority giving background of the case, details of the exhibits and nature and purpose of examination, enclosing copy of FIR, seizure list, report of medico-legal examination and other relevant documents for reference and record.
3Identity of diver in accident casesStains and scrapings from upholstery fabric, dashboard surface, windshield glass, running board surface etc. and
Fresh blood from suspected / alleged driver with due certification of his identity
Samples are collected after thorough inspection, search, identification and recording of samples from the incident vehicle by the expert team of Truth Labs

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